What You Need to Know About Home Inspections with David Basil

In every real estate transaction one of the most important steps is to get a home inspection. Whether you chose a professional or do it yourself, always get a home inspection. I know I’ve told you this before, but I truly believe it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Imagine buying a house and 2 days after closing you discover the pipes leak in the basement every time you flush the toilet; or 2 weeks after closing you have to replace the hot water heater because its 30 years old and was at the end of its life span and stopped working.Both of the examples are items that likely would have been found through a home inspection. Now this is not to say that issues can’t still arise after closing even if you do have an inspection. The hope is that through a home inspection you will be able to have more in depth knowledge of your home and be able to prepare and plan for future maintenance items and potentially get major items repaired before closing.

As a part of the inspection process that are some things that potential buyers, sellers, and even agents can do to make the process go more smoothly. One thing I think we can all do is get more educated about inspections and what their purpose is. This means as a buyer being more educated on the process and talking to your agent about what to expect, as a seller it’s important as well to know what to expect. You may be asking yourself ‘‘How am I supposed to know this stuff I’m not an inspector?” Most often you don’t find out the issues in your home until your already under contract and having an inspection done on either your future or current home.

As an agent I want my buyers and sellers to be as educated on the process as possible. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a local inspector to ask him all the questions that are plaguing both buyers and sellers. David Basil with Elevated Inspections out of Fort Morgan is a local inspector who worked in construction for many years before becoming an inspector.

I asked David as an inspector what advice he would give to potential buyers. David was able to offer some great tips to buyers. “ The first tip I would give buyers is to hire a reputable real estate professional that they like and they trust. Second, hire a darn good home inspector. Third would be trust your gut. I think if you do those 3 things you’ll be okay.” He said“ You don’t want to hire just any real estate professional or any home inspector. If you don’t do your do diligence and find a good real estate professional or inspector you could find yourself upside down quickly.” David says “ the point of his inspection is not to go in and tear apart and nit pick the house but to educate the buyer on everything about the house, both the little stuff and the big stuff. The little stuff is for you to know and the big stuff is for you to go over with your agent.”

Whether you are currently selling or home, considering selling, or just a concerned homeowner; David has some tips for you as well. I asked David what the most common issues that come up during a home inspection are. His response was not what I expected he said, “ One thing that comes up a lot is the HVAC system, whether its dirty and hasn’t been maintained or the filters haven’t been cleaned.” He recommends having systems newer than 7 years serviced at least every 2 years and older systems every year. This will help extend the lifespan of your system. “Another thing that comes up often is no Temperature Pressure(TP) valve discharge pipe.” He stated the water coming out of the water heater can be up to 200 degrees, if the water heater is under a lot of pressure and water starts coming out that water will burn you.” The pipe extender is meant to push that water down to reduce potential harm and damage to the surround area. “The third item that comes up a lot is no downspout extenders. Not having these can cause water to seep into the basement and can potentially affect the foundation. The extenders push the water away from the house.” An additional tip that he has for everyone is to clean out your gutters before it gets cold, clogged gutters can cause icicles. Although icicles are pretty to look at, they can be harmful and cause an ice dam and damage your gutters.

As an inspector who works with a variety of agents I asked him what advice he would give to agents when it comes to inspections. He said “Make sure you educate the buyer and seller on what to expect and remain cool and collected.” David said he offers guides and a sample report on his website for buyers, sellers and agents that are free and downloadable.

If you have any questions on either inspections or additional services David offers, you can reach out to him directly at 970-427-4123.

If you have real estate or inspection questions please feel free to contact me at 970-370-0135. or stop by my office at 201 Clayton St in Brush. Check back next month for more real estate news and home tips.

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